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SFPN 27th Juror:  Malcolm Mobutu Smith

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Juror Hall of Fame
portrait by Robert Schlatter
photo by Tom Story
I am an artist and teacher, presently Associate Professor of Ceramic Art at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana.

I received a master of fine arts degree in ceramics from the New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University in 1996. As an undergraduate, I studied at both the Kansas City Art Institute and The Penn State University earning my bachelors of fine arts degree from the latter in ceramics in 1994.

In addition to teaching and making I am an active lecturer and have presented at KCAI with workshops at Purdue University, Parkland College, Syracuse University, and Michigan State University.

Some of my recent exhibitions include solo efforts at IMOCA of Indianapolis and The Evansville Art Museum other solo efforts include "Shift" at the Leedy-Voulkos Art Center and "Glyphs," an NCECA 2007 show, at Pyro Gallery, Louisville, Kentucky.

Other solo and group efforts include "Touch and Circumstance: New Ceramic Work," Parkland Art Gallery, Champaign, IL; "Rigmarole: Object/Image," SoFA Gallery, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN; and group shows "Earth Tones: A Multi-Cultural Look at Clay," Louisville, KY, "1st International Ceramic Journal of Editors Exhibition," FuLed International Ceramic Art Museum, Beijing, China; and the 2005-2007 traveling show "Shades of Clay."

Reviews of my work appear in Ceramics Art and Perceptions, issues 68 (2007) and 30 (1997) and in the online magazines Terracotta Magazine and Critical Ceramics. Articles also appear in Ceramics Monthly as well as the late American Ceramics magazine Volume 15 no 3, the final issue.