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SFPN 25th Juror: Linda Sikora

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  • 3rd, 1995, Chris Staley
  • 2nd, 1994, Bill Daley
  • 1st, 1993, Jack Troy
Juror Hall of Fame
portrait by Robert Schlatter
photo by Tom Story
Linda Sikora resides with her family near Alfred NY where she has a studio practice and is a professor in the Division of Ceramic Art at Alfred University. Academic study in visual art along with a ceramic-based apprenticeship in British Columbia marked the beginning of her ceramic art profession in Canada. Formal education continued at Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University (BFA) and, University of Minnesota-Minneapolis (MFA). Authored articles are printed in Studio Potter, Ceramic Review and, online at Interpreting Ceramics. Professional activities are national and international. Public collections include: Art Gallery of Nova Scotia; Racine Art Museum; Schein-Joseph International Museum of Ceramic Art; LA County Museum of Art; Minneapolis Institute of the Arts; Everson Museum of Art; Huntington Museum of Art.